Shamanic Journeys


Shamanism is an ancient and powerful form of healing dating back more than 10,000 years. Traditionally, shamans enter altered states of consciousness on behalf of another for healing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual blockages.  

While I often journey into altered states of consciousness on behalf of clients, I also hold true to the belief that we are our own healers.  My goal in shamanic practices is to aid others into altered states of consciousness in order to access their ancient knowledge. Known as remembrance, these journeys are taken together with the client.  My role as a shamanic practitioner is to guide you in the process of remembrance and access ancient knowledge specific to your unique healing signature. Healing signatures are present in all of us and tied to our histories, biology, psychology, and ancestral tribal lines.   As a transpersonal therapist, my role is to help you understand and integrate the knowledge you acquire through these journeys into your present life.  

Essence Journeys.  We are more than our physical bodies.  Whether we describe it as spirit, soul, or essence, this journey brings you into direct contact with the nature of your being and existence.  It provides a much more expansive view that is beyond the experience of self on the physical plane. 

Spirit Guide Journeys:  A spirit guide is an entity of higher vibration that, when called upon, can provide guidance into the nature of current transitions in life and deeper existential questions of your nature.  Spirit guides can come in many different forms and invoking them depends upon the current needs presented.  

Power Animal Journeys.  A power animal presents itself in altered states of consciousness in order for you to embody the power it represents.  Power animals can move in and out of the energy field based upon the current needs of the client.  

Past Life Journeys.  The idea of a past life existence is a misnomer.  It is named as such because we often experience existence in a sequential and liner progression.  Erwin Schrodinger, an Austrian-Irish physicist, showed that different histories occur simultaneously in time and space by applying mathematical expressions to wave function.  Building on Einstein's theory of parallel universes, he coined this phenomenon as superposition and won the Nobel Prize for his work.  During altered states of consciousness, we can access these "past" lives in our paralleling existence.   Alternate life access can help us understand and integrate the relationship we have with the self as well as the relationships we encounter in this life.  

Healing Journeys.  Healing journeys are a specific type of journey taken on your behalf or with you if comfortable for specific healing purposes.  It involves accessing higher energetic vibrations in order to transmute healing energy to the physical plane of existence and often results in the alleviation of emotional, physical, mental, and psychological blockages. 

Contact me at [email protected] if you would like to engage in a this dynamic experience of altered consciousness.

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