Meditation is a process by which the practice of focused attention upon a sound, object, visualization, breath, movement, or attention itself leads to increased awareness of the present moment, reduced stress levels, increased relaxation, and enhanced personal and spiritual growth.

Research has shown that people who meditate lead happier and healthier lives, experience less stress, depression, and emotional        dis-regulation.  Numerous studies have shown that meditation dramatically reduces, and possibly reverses, diseases of all types.  A consistent practice of meditation stimulates deeper levels of brain function, resulting in increased intelligence and creativity.

The meditation classes I offer blend contemplation and self-awareness through a myriad of felt-sense lenses.  Each class is unique and specifically targeted to develop or enhance the MindBody connection.  Join a community of people who are enthusiastic about living life to its fullest potential.  



Join me for Saturday morning meditation.  Take a soulful journey into a world where body, mind, and spirit know no boundaries.  Classes begin on September 15, 2018 from 8:30-9:45 and continue every other Saturday.  Choose the package below that fits your needs and click on the link to register.

Single Sessions - 15.00/session.  This option is perfect for individuals who wish to attend without committing to a routine.  Advance notice of 24 hours is required to accommodate the space.  Please note that a space cannot be guaranteed without advance notice.

Consecutive Pass - 5 sessions/60.00.  This option is great for individuals who are interested in beginning a consistent meditation practice.  Sessions must be used consecutively.


Flexible Pass - 10 session/100.00.  This option allows individuals to attend based on their schedule and preference.  It is a great option for those who have a meditation practice in place and is the most economical of the three options at 10.00/session.  No advance notice is required.  With your pass, an open spot is always available.



  The relationship you have with a partner is one of the most important journeys you may take in this life, yet, couples often get bogged down in the daily stressors and responsibilities of modern living so much so that they often feel that the relationship to one another has taken a backseat.  Couple meditation is gaining a much deserved recognition for its simple yet effective way of connecting couples on a deeper level of trust, love, compassion and harmony.  My couple meditations are a blending of contemplative meditation and Hakomi, a compassion-based therapeutic model, supporting the interconnection between energies shared between two people.  Time is incorporated into each session to close the meditation out with a specialized burning ritual.  Elevate your relationship to new heights of mind, body, and soul.  Couple sessions are scheduled as private meditation sessions and tailored to the needs of the couple.  A short, but comprehensive assessment of needs is conducted prior to the session in order for the meditation facilitator to develop a personalized meditation specific to each couple.  The meditation can be downloaded after the session in order to continue the practice outside of the session.  Sessions last approximately 2 hours.  The cost is 50.00/per session and includes a needs-based assessment, couple-specific meditation, download of meditation, and specialized closing ritual.


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