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With more than 30 years of combined experience in the field of psychology and healing arts, I have joyfully walked with people through many transitions of life.  I have found, without a doubt, that the common theme among all of us is the need to be connected to one another in meaningful ways through acceptance and compassion of the self and the ability to hold the space for others as they face difficult and pivotal choices in life. There is no way we can avoid pain.  The very nature of living demands that we experience both ecstasy and suffering inherent in life.  We often convince ourselves that by building invisible walls of armor, we are protecting our heart, the emotional center of our being.   In fact, we are actually creating emotional blockages that stagnate the natural flow of our energetic systems, halting our own healing process, and cutting ourselves off from the connection to the higher self and the bigger picture of life.   For me, the therapeutic process is not just about learning how to manage our emotions or cope with life.  It is about finding the beauty in every moment, and yes, there is a beauty that can be realized even in our moments of suffering, for it is through the understanding of our own suffering cycle that we begin the journey of reclaiming our essential self, trusting our own wisdom, and opening our hearts to the this magical and mystical experience we call life purpose.  

I am a transpersonal therapist that follows the foundational principles of Quantum Psychology and Buddhist Psychology.  My goal as a transpersonal therapist is to not only help you in exploring the Self, but to explore the transcendent nature of the Self.  I am also a shamanic practitioner.  Working with this ancient knowledge has tremendously impacted the way I look at the world and the manner in which I work with clients.     

While I am eternally grateful for all of the knowledge I have been able to glean from notable experts in this field, the most compelling and magnificent teachers have been my clients, who, in their strength and vulnerability have taught me what wisdom of the soul.  I am grateful to have been a part of their journey and I am a better person and therapist for having traveled with them.  


Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology, University of Nebraska - Omaha, 1995
Master's of Arts in Clinical Counseling, University of Nebraska - Omaha, 1998

License, Certifications & Notables

Licensed Mental Health Professional, State of Nebraska, #2576
Clinical Supervisor for Mental Health Licensure, State of Minnesota
Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Department of Counseling, University of Nebraska-Omaha, 2003-2008

Additional Training

Studies Abroad in Czech Republic, Belgium, and France, Psychology, University of Palekskeho

Specializing in Transpersonal Quantum Psychology, Nutritional Psychology, Meditation and Mindfulness, and Shamanic Energy Work

Professional Activities and Memberships 

AAPT (Association of Private Practitioners)
NCC (past member of the National Certified Counselors)
ACA (past member of the American Counseling Association)

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